A Dentist’s Blueprint to Success: Your Dental Office is You!

A Dentist’s Blueprint to Success: Your Dental Office is You!

Your dental office must be you! That’s what Steve Anderson says is one of the key factors to the success of your dental business, in his book, A Dentist’s Blueprint to Success: The Step-by-Step Process to Owning Your Own Dental Office and Making Your Dream a Reality! When you build or design your office, the entire space should reflect who you really are and your plan for how the work will be done there. But whether the space is brand new or you’ve just redesigned your existing office, how can the look and design of the place make that much difference?

Think of all the people involved in dental work: you and your colleagues, the dental practitioners; your staff, either performing dental functions or working on administration; and most importantly, your clientele, the patients who need you to do excellent work on their teeth. Each one of these people need to feel comfortable and at home in this office.

Those most affected by the look and tone of your dental office, at least in the short-term, are your patients. It’s not just the job of staff to try to soothe their nerves—it’s the job of the physical surroundings too. Design the reception area to make a good impression and tell patients, “You’re going to be just fine.” This might involve comfortable chairs, soft, friendly colors, and maybe some interesting reading material. But patients should also be visible to the dental office reception staff no matter where they sit, so they don’t feel forgotten if they wait a few minutes.

When patients move into operatories and exam rooms, they still need to feel comfortable, but a room of dental equipment likely won’t help much. So calming their nerves will depend much more on how relaxed you and your coworkers are and what extra touches you add to the room. A Dentist’s Blueprint to Success suggests that you design these areas in your dental office with good workflow, so no one bumps into furniture or equipment or has to reach awkwardly for anything. Keep these rooms orderly and uncluttered; this will reassure patients that you’re efficient and know what you’re doing.

If you have extra shelves, why not place decorative items in the various rooms of your dental office, such as small carvings or framed artwork? If you make every space your own, you’ll be relaxed and happy while you work, and your patients will relax. And remember that one big blank space that dental patients spend a lot of time staring at but nobody decorates. How about putting something interesting on the ceiling to distract and relax their minds?

Discard what you don’t need or use in your dental office, and fill those spaces with what is pleasant and important to you. From the flow of the space to the colors and finishes to the personal touches, make the design your own, and both your personal performance and your revenue will rise. Click here for your copy of A Dentist’s Blueprint to Success, to learn all about designing your dental office to reflect you and your personal values.

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