A Dentist's Blueprint to Success

The Step-by-Step Process to Owning Your Own Dental Office and Making Your Dream a Reality

Take a quick look inside A Dentist's Blueprint to Success: It's filled with real ideas you can use even if you're just contemplating a new office. Everything in the book is designed to help you get exactly what you're dreaming of. Go ahead: Make Your Dream a Reality!


A Dentist's Blueprint to Success

Make Your Dream a Reality with the Step by Step Processes included in A Dentist's Blueprint to Success , the new book by Steve Anderson. Whether you are considering building a new dental office or remodeling an existing one, Blueprints for Success contains the information you need to make your dental office construction dreams a reality!
  • Take the first powerful step toward your future new office or remodel with the purchase of this book. Contained within it’s pages you will learn the step by step process of how to create your Team of Experts that will build your office and to provide you with the tools beneficial to save you time, money and effort as you Make Your Dream a Reality! It is designed to take anywhere in the world.

    A thirty-year compilation of notes, comments, thoughts and ideas of what it takes to get a dental office started while making the best decisions possible along the way.

    All of the forms, charts, bullet points and helps will put you on the right track for success!

  • Learn about:

    • Flow & Design
    • Dental office finishes
    • Picking the right dental office contractor
    • Maximizing your dental office construction budget and minimizing costs
    • Choosing whether to build a new dental office or remodel an existing one

  • Chapters Include

    Selecting Your Team

    Material Finishes

    Timelines for Your Project

    Planning the Move

    ...and many more! Everything you need to know about planning a new office or remodeling an existing one is right in front of you, organized into an easy to follow plan!

  • Praise for A Dentist's Blueprint to Success

    I am so happy to have found this wonderful book. I am opening my first dental office and as you might expect i had many questions specifically about where to start and what I needed to do to make my dream a reality. I looked everywhere in the internet and despite many hours searching I could only find bits and pieces of information and mostly about how to manage your office and make it successful but nothing on the step by step process of building and starting your first dental office. I came across this book...and it has been the “go to book” for all my questions.

    Dr. Maria Segovia

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Page 73.

You Made Your Dream a Reality! Chapter 16 helps you Celebrate Your Opening in style!

Page 51.

What's your best color? Materials and Finishes has got you covered!

Page 53.

What to expect when Contracting with a General Contractor.

Page 7.

Is everyone on board? Selecting Your Dental Team helps you make the right choices.

Page 28.

Is a new office in your budget? Chapter 4 helps Counting the Costs.

Page 5.

Are you ready for your new office? Chapter 1 jumpstarts Making Your Dream a Reality!

Get to know A Dentist's Blueprint to Success

Unique in the field of dental office construction books, A Dentist's Blueprint to Success offers a start-to-finish approach to just what it takes to make planning and building your next dental office a smooth and easy process. Learn what to look for when it comes to lenders, contractors, architects, and more. It is the complete step-by-step approach to helping Make Your Dream Come True!

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Expert Help!

Get the expert help Steve Anderson has been offering to his clients for over 30 years in these helpful articles written just for dentists considering building or remodeling a new dental office!

Setting up a HIPAA Contingency Plan for Your Dental Office

Leave a laptop on the bus, one containing patients’ personal health information, and you’ll instantly get why you need a HIPAA contingency plan. Whether you are that careless (and hopefully you aren’t!) or your office’s entire records system goes down, you need a plan to recover and protect these exposed health records—fast. Your dental office won’

Conducting HIPAA Risk Assessment for Your Dental Office

HIPAA risk assessment should be top of the list to prevent a security breach in the personal health information in your dental office. This kind of breach could be catastrophic for your finances, for your reputation, and especially for patient trust. The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) of 1996 set out the requirements fo

HIPAA Breach Insurance and Why You Need It

Why do you need breach insurance in case your patients’ personal health information has been exposed? This is one of the worst hits a dental office can take. The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) of 1996 was passed to protect patients’ medical records, and the fines for a HIPAA breach are often quite stiff. While larger me

HIPAA Compliance: An Absolute Requirement for Your Dental Office

How does HIPAA compliance relate to you and the construction of your dental office? We hear so often how some company’s security has been breached, so its client information is at risk. Such a breach can be almost catastrophic, though, when it involves patients’ personal health information. That’s why you need to think about HIPAA compliance as par

A Dentist’s Blueprint to Success: Gathering an Expert Project Team

You don’t have to do it all! In fact, unless you gather a team of experts and let them work their magic, you might not even achieve your new, modern dental office and the big revenue boost you want. In Steve Anderson’s guidebook, A Dentist’s Blueprint to Success: The Step-by-Step Process to Owning Your Own Dental Office and Making Your Dream a

A Dentist’s Blueprint to Success: Your Dental Office Design Expert

You’re a dental professional, not a realtor. Not an architect. Not a procurement or safety expert. So how can you set up or remodel a dental office that meets requirements so far outside your expertise—an office that will perfectly serve you, your patients, and your staff and will result in excellent revenue? You do it by surrounding yourself with

A Dentist’s Blueprint to Success: Location is Where It’s At

“Location location location” may be an overused phrase, but sometimes that’s what your success is really all about. Steve Anderson’s A Dentist’s Blueprint to Success: The Step-by-Step Process to Owning Your Own Dental Office and Making Your Dream a Reality! guides you in many ways as you set up your dental practice, but one thing the book

A Dentist’s Blueprint to Success: Your Dental Office is You!

Your dental office must be you! That’s what Steve Anderson says is one of the key factors to the success of your dental business, in his book, A Dentist’s Blueprint to Success: The Step-by-Step Process to Owning Your Own Dental Office and Making Your Dream a Reality! When you build or design your office, the entire space should re

Reviews of A Dentist's Blueprint to Success

Real dentists have read A Dentist's Blueprint to Success. Read what they have to say.



Ever since I started reading it, I have not put your book down yet. It is extraordinary...Your book is an excellent read and has a ton of real information to help new and seasoned professionals succeed.  You didn't miss any points.  Your book has many positive, strong, and spirited messages for life long success.  Bravo!

- Dr. Ash Kaushesh

  • Steve brings a wealth of personal knowledge through experience that is organized exceptionally well in Blueprints For Success.  Anyone considering a new buildout or remodel would be wise to spend some time reading through and taking to heart the do's and don'ts he presents - it could mean significant savings in time, money and headaches down the road. His advice certainly has been influential in the success of our practice.

    - Dr. Charlie Clark, DMD
  • Blueprints for Success is a valuable book to have when starting a new dental office. It gives you a great workflow of the process and it has all the questions you should be thinking of that are easily missed in such an undertaking. I really liked having a checklist to make sure tasks/requirements get accomplished. The Team @ Denco is there not only to make sure that your office is built the way you envision it but also to set you up for success in the future.

    - Dr. Chris Fowler
  • Blueprints for Success is an amazing synopsis of what it takes to get a new dental practice going from start to finish. No detail was overlooked and it truly is a cookbook for a recipe to your own success.

    - Dr. Kirk Robertson
  • Must admit I am quite jealous! Wishing I had this resource when I went through the process of purchasing and remodeling my first practice-comprehensive and easy to use. I would definitely recommend this for anyone considering building or remodeling, or even anyone just purchasing an existing practice! I know I will put it to use on my next project!

    - Dr. Jennifer Enos
  • This is a must read book for dentists who are looking to build, expand or remodel a space into their dream dental office.  There are many pitfalls for a dentist doing their own office along the way.  This book addresses them all.

    - Dr. Satish I Hiremath
  • Blueprints for Success is an essential read for any Doc or dental student considering building and or renovating their current or future office. In my opinion, this book is so jam packed with useful information and resources that it should really be the syllabus for a required course in today's dental schools.

    Well done Steve!

    - Dr. David Tambour, DMD
  • It is a well written book. I'd tell anyone who is looking to build their office that Blueprints for Success is the key helping me to build an office and renovated two other offices in the last two and half years. It made my vision become a reality!

    - Dr. David Ho, DDS, MS
  • I am so happy to have found this wonderful book...It’s a guided step by step workbook with everything you will need to open your practice without headaches and becoming penniless. Everything from who to contact first, what questions you have to ask, check lists, time frames and suggestions to save time, money and frustration. I would highly recommend this book to anyone who wants to open his/hers first practice.

    - Dr. Maria Segovia

              About The Author

              Steve Anderson Author and Owner of Denco Dental Construction, Inc.

              A general contractor, Steve owns and operates Denco Dental Construction, Inc., a licensed, bonded, and insured dental office specialist with an A+ BBB rating. Denco Dental Construction, Inc. is the only General Contractor endorsed by the Arizona Dental Associaton. A strong believer in giving back to the community, Steve created A Dentist's Blueprint to Success to help up-and-coming dentists get the edge they need to be successful out of the gate. As a regular guest lecturer at Arizona dental schools (A.T. Still University, Midwestern University, and Arizona School of Dentistry & Oral Health) Steve detailed exactly what a dental student needs to know about opening their new practice. Steve and his wife Debbie are proud parents of Eric, Michael and Jennifer; grandparents of Keenan and Hannah; and great-grandparents of Braydon.

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